Works great with dry skin patches. Even used on my infant to help clear up an area that he used to scratch.


I am very much so in love with my Turmeric Soap , Citrus Body Polish & Citrus Butter. I recommend anyone to purchase this young Queens products 🌹


I use it every night and I love the way it makes me skin feel smooth and it’s clearing my skin in its troubled areas.


Love love baba love! Feels so amazing and moisturizing and the calming lavender oils. Have been using it on my 3 month old and has made his skin so soft with the lavender helping him sleep better also! Highly recommend!!!


I love love love this lip balm. It’s really the perfect consistency. My daughter is obsessed with it too. Although packaging is cute and eco friendly, I wish it were a little more durable. Like a small glass applicator or container would be ideal.


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