Clear Skin is in, Organically

Clear skin is in, organically.


body whip

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head to toe air whipped moisturizer made with plant based butters + oils no added preservatives

with clean + dry hands apply generous amount to damp skin after bath or shower for a subtle shine and long lasting moisture. Or for spontaneous use throughout the course of day to avoid dry skin.

Customer Reviews

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Works great with dry skin patched. Even used on my infant to help clear up an area that he used to scratch!

- Ashley

I am so in love with my Tumeric Soap, Citrus Body Polish & Citrus Butter! I recommend to anyone to purchase this young Queen's products.

- Danieyle

I use these products every night and I love the way they make my skin feel. It feels so smooth and it's clearing my skin's troubled areas.

- Emerald


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