yoni steam session

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terms + conditions | baba love organics policy’s 

customer services and intake information are confidential.

written authorization is required by the customer to release any information to third-party for disclosure. 

please drink plenty of water before your appointment. you will be seated on a warm wet-steam sauna chair for approx. 30-50 minutes, perspiration is to be expected. please do not consume drugs, medication or alcohol prior to or during the session. please do not to eat at least one to two hours prior to your yoni steam appointment to avoid any ill feelings. do not use any chemicals + deodorants or lotions prior to your yoni steam appointment.

your scheduled yoni steam appointment is reserved for you. we book up to (3) appointments at one time in our yoni steam spa.

you will be provided a fitted gown to use during the Yoni Steam appointment and at no time will your genitalia or breast tissue be exposed. you will have a 10-minute consultation with your practitioner to discuss your needs and select your recommended herbal steam blend. should the service require, after your practitioner has left the room, you may adjust chair temperature to desired your comfort level. we highly recommend that you turn off or silence your cell phone during your appointment for optimal relaxation.

I understand that my Baba Love Organics' practitioner or I may end the session at any time for any reason. inappropriate behavior on Baba Love Organics' premises will not be tolerated and may be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

this purchase is a voucher and will be used to claim your yoni steam in the future. a scheduling link will be sent to the email used to purchase your voucher. 

voucher is equivalent to one yoni steam session 

voucher must be redeemed by 12.31.22

no refund | no exchanges | no transfers