Yoni Love Bundle


Yoni Love Bundle Include:

1 4oz. Flower Powder

An absorbent, talc-free blend of plant based clays, ground herbs + botanicals + essential oils formulated to keep you cool and dry on the warmest days. Helps to prevent chafing and irritation. Perfect for baby bums and the most sensitive sensitive skin. To use: Sprinkle lightly into hands and smooth wherever needed to feel fresh, dry, and clean.


1 4oz. Yoni Polish 

Rich emulsified air whipped Yoni Scrub with built in moisturizer that will help give your your a natural GLOW and lock in moisture dry skin in not an option with this scrub. Made with plant and fruit oils+ pure essential oils formulated to heal skin and protect against future ingrown hairs and discoloration associated with inflammation + hyperpigmentation + fine dead sea salt + dried herbs and botanicals no added preservatives no synthetic fragrance. Due to the nature of our products and to keep from compromising the integrity of the finest raw + organic ingredients and to extend shelf life please keep water from entering this product. Use fingertips to scoop out of glass jar with dry hands and apply to wet skin massage gently in circular motion until skin is covered. Rinse. Enjoy love. Use caution as floor of shower/tub maybe slick. Recommended for use 24 hours after any hair removal service to avoid irritation.


1 4oz. An herbal feminine hygiene cleanser infused with organic lavender and rosemary for cleansing, disinfecting and therapeutic properties. Gentle enough for your yoni promotes moisture as well as healthy pH balance. A plant based alternative to commercial feminine cleansing products. Do not use inside of the vagina.